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52® Tokens of Affection by Lynn Gordon, Karen Johnson

By Lynn Gordon, Karen Johnson

Choked with uncomplicated, candy and totally targeted how you can say "I love you," this variation of the best-selling deck is the best consultant for the aspiring romantic, and lines various actions and illustrations.

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Send a Card Send a card for no obvious reason. In fact, keep a stash of cards-that you pick up as you discover them—for just such a nonreason. Make it a thank-you note for something that meant a lot to you, or for just being in your life. A thank-you card out of the blue, just showing you were thinking of her, can mean a lot. Slideshow Take all the best photos, whether from a single trip or from your relationship as a whole, and turn them into a slideshow for your partner. You can even add music and narration if you do it online, or make it a photo album with captions.

Hide the pieces where they are bound to be found and, once pieced back together, become a love note, an invitation to something, or a clue leading to something wonderful. Box of Sweets Put together a sweets box. Buy a few pieces of chocolate at a candy store and have them put into the big one-pound box. Then put other things of your choosing into the rest of the space. You could include a photograph, a flower, some seashells from your last beach trip, some movie tickets, a short poem, anything you think your honey would like.

Place your hands palm-to-palm and begin moving while staying in contact. Eventually, your contact may shift from palms to elbows to backs to who knows where. After a while, find your way back to your palms and open your eyes. Make up your own games together. Purge Surge This one is hard. If there is something your sweetheart has been wanting you to get rid of for the longest time (the torn T-shirt from 1976, the strange pair of shoes you got for your best friend’s wedding, or that ratty old toothbrush he thinks might be a health hazard), wrap it up as a gift and give it up.

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