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57 Short Stories of Saints by Anne Eileen Heffernan FSP

By Anne Eileen Heffernan FSP

Some of the best-loved saints of the Church are featured in a revised and up-to-date version of a vintage assortment. splendidly written biographies and illustrations of Saints Lucy, Monica, Augustine, Benedict, Francis Xavier, Edith Stein, Juan Diego, Katharine Drexel, and so forth. excellent for intermediate readers and college or church libraries.

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The Bible mentions three angels by name: the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. These three angels brought special messages from God to his people. The Book of Tobit (one of the books in the Old Testament) tells about the Archangel Raphael, who guided Tobit’s son Tobiah during a difficult journey and presented Tobit’s prayers to God. We can read about the Archangel Gabriel in the Gospel of St. Luke. Gabriel was the angel who invited Mary to become the Mother of Jesus, God’s own Son. Angels are messengers of God, and they also present our prayers to God.

The people began to shout, “They’ve tricked us! Stone them! ” Instead of being draped with flowers, Paul and Barnabas had to run for their lives. Stones whizzed through the air, pounding them on every side. Finally, Paul and Barnabas sank to the ground. Members of the angry mob dragged them outside the city, leaving them for dead. Fortunately, Paul and Barnabas had made some friends in the city. When some of them heard what had happened, they rushed out to find the two missionaries. As Paul and Barnabas opened their eyes, they saw a circle of anxious and compassionate faces looking down on them.

Jesus calmly asked why they had come at night, with weapons, as if he were a criminal. Peter slipped into the shadows. From his hiding place, he watched them lead his Master away. Then he followed. Jesus was led to the palace of the high priest. The building was heavily guarded. Peter saw John go in through the gate. John had been allowed in because he knew the high priest. Soon enough, John approached the gatekeeper and asked her to admit Peter. The woman peered at Peter in the dim light. ” she asked.

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