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A Companion to American Foreign Relations by Robert Schulzinger

By Robert Schulzinger

This can be an authoritative quantity of historiographical essays that survey the country of U.S. diplomatic heritage. The essays disguise the whole variety of the historical past of yank international kin from the colonial interval to the current. They talk about the foremost assets and examine the main influential books and articles within the box.

  • Includes discussions of recent methodological techniques in diplomatic history.

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Most begin with a basic definition of culture as the beliefs, customs, arts, language, memory, and symbols of a society. Beyond that, there are numerous approaches investigating cultural diplomacy, cultural expansion, cultural interactions, cultural internationalism, cultural transmission, and cultural imperialism. As a starting point, Akira Iriye suggests three useful levels of analysis: national, cross-national, and global (Iriye 1991: 216). As he admits, even as we attempt to create categories of analysis for purposes of presenting a range of scholarship, it is immediately clear that these studies defy strict boundaries.

State-sponsored cultural exchange offers a compelling subject for analyzing foreign policy and culture. Officials must identify their aims, determine their messages, select mediums such as exhibits, films, or music, and evaluate their intended audiences. It is also worthwhile for historians to consider what is deemed ineligible for cultural exchange. ” The Constitution, by the way, was good to go. In addition, as historians emphasize that cultural exchange is a two-way street, it is important to consider programs and propaganda directed at the United States, evaluating another nation’s reading of American culture and foreign policy goals.

Drugs in the Western Hemisphere: An Odyssey of Cultures in Conflict (Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 1996). Williams, William Appleman: The Contours of American History (Chicago, IL: Quadrangle Books, 1966). ” Journal of American History 88 (September 2001), 489–518. ” Journal of American History 83 (March 1997), 1309–39. DeConde, Alexander: Ethnicity, Race, and American Foreign Policy: A History (Boston, MA: Northeastern University Press, 1992). ” International History Review 21 (March 1999), 57–79.

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