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A Companion to the Great Western Schism (1378-1417) (Brill's by Joelle Rollo-Koster; Thomas M. Izbicki (editors)

By Joelle Rollo-Koster; Thomas M. Izbicki (editors)

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Jacques Stefaneschi’s early 14th-century ceremonial clarified the condition of distribution of the Easter and papal advent’s indulgences; Dykmans, Le cérémonial papal: De Rome en Avignon ou le cérémonial de Jacques Stefaneschi, pp. 200, 299. 59 Gayet, Le grand schisme, pp. 212–21. 60 See for example De Conzié’s ordo in Dykmans, Le cérémonial papal de la fin du moyen âge à la renaissance: Les texts avignonnais jusqu’à la fin du grand schisme d’Occident, 1:47–61, and 262–335, according to him during their last diner at their personal residence the cardinals offered their last recommendations to their chamberlain and staff, requesting the maintenance of peace and order, and the staff’s prayers for a judicious choice in the new pontiff.

Orsini went to the door’s counter and promised the crowd that before vespers they would have someone they liked. He wrote down the names of Prignano and six other Italian prelates on a piece of paper, handed it to Guillaume de la Voulte, and told him that these individuals were requested at the palace. With the exception of Thomaso degli Ammanati, who was afraid of the mob surrounding the conclave, the other six reached the Vatican without any interference or hassle. They dined with the cardinals, avoiding discussing the election.

160–62, makes some passing references to the intricacies of that election’s vote. 90 Valois, “L’élection d’Urbain VI,” p. 398. civil violence and the initiation of the schism 33 violation of electoral form. They validated the election a second time to emphasize its legitimacy. While the cardinals dined, the Romans were still clamoring loudly outside the conclave, well aware that the recent activities and the arrival of the six prelates meant that the election had taken place. It is at this moment that one of the most infamous episodes took place.

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