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A For Anything by Damon Knight

By Damon Knight

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No, no. ” They stared at each other blankly for a moment, holding the glasses. It was dawning on both of them that they had got themselves into a position from which neither could gracefully retreat. Cashel made a gesture as if to gulp down his wine, but checked it, to Dick’s relief: that would only have meant that as host, Dick would have had to force another glass on him, and as guest, Cashel would have had to drink it. “Oh, hell,” said Dick finally. “Look, Cashel, we both have our private opinion of each other, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stand each other for half an hour, does it?

Just now he was more interested in finding out whether the prote Fossum had chosen was the right one, or—more likely—a slipshod approximation. Here came the old man plodding in his circle of light. There was a steaming platter on his little cart. He paused to deposit the prote in its niche; then in a few moments he was lifting the platter onto the counter. Eggs, bacon, toast, milk, coffee. The golden yolks trembled, ready to spill. Dick choked back a shout of pure exasperation. “Fossum, I said eggs over .

He said something else, about “desertions,” but Ewing couldn’t make it out. The copter overhead, still shouting, drifted down toward the highway. Following it with his eyes, Ewing saw something strange. He saw what looked like a line of cars and trucks, spaced almost bumper to bumper, climbing the mountain road. There was a wrecker, followed by a red convertible, two moving vans with dusty red sides, three panel trucks, two latemodel sedans with glossy aluminum trailers, and a small gasoline tank truck.

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