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"A New Kind of War": America's Global Strategy and the by Howard Jones

By Howard Jones

America's event in Greece has usually been mentioned as a version by means of these later policymakers in Washington who regard the involvement as a "victory" for American international coverage. certainly, President Johnson and others pointed out Greece because the version for America's deepening involvement in Vietnam in the course of the mid-1960's. Greece turned the battlefield for a brand new type of war--one that incorporated using guerrilla battle, propaganda, battle within the shadows, terror strategies and victory in accordance with outlasting the enemy. It used to be additionally a try earlier than the area of America's get to the bottom of to guard the primary of self-determination. Jones argues that American coverage in the direction of Greece used to be the point of interest within the improvement of a world technique designed to strive against totalitarianism. He additionally argues that had the White condominium and others drawn the true "lessons" from the intervention in Greece, the selections concerning Vietnam could have been extra conscientiously notion out.

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34 For reasons that transcended the problems in Greece, the Truman administration was moving closer to an economic aid program. Soviet pressure on Iran and Turkey convinced Acheson of the strategic value of the region. In late September 1946 the United States granted a credit of $10 million to Greece for maritime equipment. Less than a week later, Greece received an HOLDING THE LINE IN GREECE 29 additional credit of $25 million for buying other economic goods. A dispatch had arrived from Byrnes, still in Europe, which recommended that the United States help Greece and Turkey.

But Attlee, Dalton, and the Treasury feared for Britain's own financial collapse and opposed going any farther. The cabinet stipulated that military aid to the Greek army would end on March 31, 1947. Though the British would continue helping to organize and train the army, the Greek government would have to turn to the United States for economic assistance. Bevin recommended that nothing be said to the Greeks until he could talk with the United States about that prospect. 42 32 A NEW KIND OF WAR The postwar economic troubles confronting the British were no surprise to Washington.

Former legal counsel for the Department of Agriculture, later for the CBS radio network, he had worked with the Office of Price Administration during the war, and then with the Office of Economic Stabilization, before becoming OPA administrator in 1946. S. representative on the UN border commission would provide his candid assessment of the situation. In midJanuary 1947, the Porter economic mission landed in Athens and would soon talk with hundreds of Greek businessmen, engineers, economists, factory workers, farmers, and spokesmen for a large number of organizations.

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