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A Second Chance the Story of a Near Death Experience by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

On the ultimate hour . . .

This notable narrative relies at the tale of Ajamila from the 6th Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam. The legislations of karma states that we are all answerable for our activities, and loss of life is the the most important second whilst mysterious forces performing in line with this legislation paintings backstage to figure out our future. because the sinful Ajamila lay on his deathbed, he was once terrified to determine 3 fierce, humanlike creatures coming to tug him out of his death physique and take him to the lord of dying for punishment. strangely, Ajamila escaped this poor destiny. How? A moment probability: the tale of a Near-Death adventure teaches important truths in regards to the primary nature of the self and reality.

At a time whilst reincarnation is readily gaining recognition, not just with the transforming into ranks of individuals reporting out-of-body and near-death reviews yet with the general public at huge, A moment likelihood can convey one the best way to use meditation and yoga concepts to beat the stumbling blocks of materialism, meet the problem of dying, and eventually reach non secular perfection.

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The professor talks about so many things, but if we ask him what he is, he has no answer. D. " He can only state his identification with the body, which he is not, and therefore he is fool number one. At first Arjuna was also thinking in terms of bodily connections: "Kåñëa, how can I fight? On the other side there are my cousins, my brothers, my uncles, my nephews, and my brothers-in-law. " Arjuna was a very learned man, but he was perplexed. He said, "My dear Kåñëa, now I am puzzled. I am a kñatriya, and it is my duty to fight, but I am deviating from this duty because I am bewildered and cannot reason clearly.

If we simply hear about Kåñëa, we will automatically wake up. The injunction of the Vedas is uttiñöhata jägrata präpya varän nibodhata: "Wake up! Get up! Understand the great benediction you have in this human form of life. 14) Kåñëa explains how to do this: daivé hy eñä guëa-mayé mama mäyä duratyayä mäm eva ye prapadyante mäyäm etäà taranti te "This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome. " Surrender to Kåñëa and be Kåñëa conscious. In the human form of life, that is our only business.

Instead, they explained what they had heard from their spiritual master, Yamaräja. Mahäjano yena gataù sa panthäù: [Cc. 186] one should follow the mahäjana, the authorized person. Yamaräja is one of twelve authorities. " 9. Punishmen t The Yamadütas continued, "The sup reme cause of all causes, Näräyaëa, is situated in His abode in the spiritual world, but still He contr ols the entir e cosmic manifestation according to the modes of 35 material nature—goodness, passion, and ignorance . In this way all living entities are awarded different qualities, different names (such as brähmaëa, kñatriya, and vaiçya ), different duties according to the varëäçrama institution, and different fo rms.

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