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A Short History of USA by Robert V. Remini

By Robert V. Remini

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Native American Mounted Rifleman 1861-65

A number of thousand local americans fought on either side through the American Civil struggle. They got here from numerous the tribes within the Indian Territory of present-day japanese Oklahoma. They have been equipped into regiments of fastened riflemen â€" troops which can struggle from the saddle or dismounted within the plains and rolling hills.

Phil Sheridan and His Army

"Paul Hutton’s examine of Phil Sheridan within the West is authoritative, readable, and a tremendous contribution to the literature of westward growth. even if based in Chicago, Sheridan performed a very important position within the beginning of the West. His command stretched from the Missouri to the Rockies and from Mexico to Canada, and the entire Indian Wars of the good Plains fell less than his course.

Warpath: the true story of the fighting Sioux told in a biography of Chief White Bull

Nephew to Sitting Bull, leader of the Sioux, Pte San Hunka (White Bull) was once a well-known warrior in his personal correct. He were at the warpath opposed to whites and different Indians for greater than a decade while he fought the best conflict of his lifestyles. at the afternoon of June 25, 1876, 5 troops of the U. S. 7th Cavalry less than the command of George Armstrong Custer rode into the valley of the Little significant Horn River, with a bit of luck watching for to rout the Indian encampments there.

The Account of Mary Rowlandson and Other Indian Captivity Narratives

One of the so much celebrated captivity narratives, Rowlandson's account of her abduction by way of the Narragansett Indians in 1676 info her hardships and pain, in addition to important observations on local American existence. additionally comprises 3 different recognized narratives of captivity one of the Delawares, the Iroquois, and the Indians of the Allegheny.

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On August 27 he challenged the British on Long Island. Following an inevitable defeat, he moved his army under cover of a thick fog across the East River to Manhattan. Howe pursued him up the Hudson River valley, and Washington retreated to New Jersey. New York remained in British hands for the remainder of the war. Washington crossed the Delaware River at Trenton and tried to keep his army together. But his soldiers shivered in the December cold and began to desert, since the situation looked hopeless.

Gates’s appointment was a mistake. He suffered the worst American defeat of the war at Camden, South Carolina, when his troops fled the field in disarray. Gates ran too. The British then came to a very wrong conclusion—that untrained, undisciplined American soldiers would drop their weapons and flee when confronted by professional British troops. Another disaster occurred on September 25, when Benedict Arnold, a splendid general who had participated in the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga, turned traitor and deserted to the British.

To support its operation and pay for carrying on the war, it had to rely on contributions from each state as set forth by the national legislature. But few states paid what they owed. If hard-pressed for cash, they would pay less, and there was nothing the central government could do about it. Two other problems were present in the Articles. First, the unanimous agreement of all the states was required before the document could go into effect. Maryland withheld its consent until all the states ceded their western lands to the central government.

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