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A Woman's Innocence by Gayle Callen

By Gayle Callen

Within the ultimate instalment of Gayle Callen's interesting Spies and fans trilogy, a mad–dash look for fact brings jointly an not going pair – a girl accused of treason, and the guy who convicted her... Now that he eventually has the notorious traitor, Julia Reed, in reformatory, you'll imagine English agent Samuel Sherryngton will be happy to work out justice served. yet conditions should not regularly what they look like, and the proof aren't including up. quickly Sam has doubts over her guilt which, after all, has not anything to do with the allure for Julia he is been struggling with opposed to for therefore a long time. no longer keen to work out her done for a criminal offense she won't have dedicated, Sam defies the legislation of britain and breaks Julia out of penitentiary. What before everything begun as a seek to discover evidence convicting Julia fast becomes a quest to end up her innocence. Can this daring and rushing pair detect the reality and nonetheless make time for love?

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The hard muscles of his stomach clenched be­ neath her hands. But he said nothing, only guided the horse down the alley at a brisk pace. “We need to talk,” she said. He glanced over his shoulder. ” As she leaned closer, her lips brushed his hair. A spark of electricity seemed to jump between them, and she tried to keep her voice from shak­ ing. What was wrong with her? “We have to talk. ” he called back with obvious dis­ belief. ” She stiffened and sat up straighter, wishing she could pull away from him.

She wouldn’t kiss him, even if it was playacting. He had only taken her from one dangerous situation into another. There was genial laughter as the drunken men gathered around, and Julia gave them an exag­ gerated wink. Sam dismounted first, then reached up to grip her waist and lift her from the A WOMAN’S INNOCENCE 31 horse, making her feel like a dainty thing, in­ stead of a woman who came up to the bridge of his nose and easily towered over two of the three onlookers. “She’s a long one,” one of the men said with obvious awe.

This is not some afternoon excursion you can plan. ” she said angrily, pushing away from him. ” “I’m making it my concern. ” She stared up at him. ” “Two constables found me standing over Ed­ win’s body. ” Even as she said it, she knew he wasn’t capa­ ble of such a thing, but a strange look flickered in his eyes. “I didn’t—but when I discovered what he’d 46 GAYLE CALLEN done, it crossed my mind. I had to do a lot of things to survive in the East, Julia. ” There was a threat implied there, but before she could think of a response, he began to stuff her jail smock into the saddlebag.

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