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A Zen approach to bodytherapy: From Rolf to Feldenkrais to by William S. Leigh

By William S. Leigh

Publication via Leigh, William

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Atlas of Hand Surgery

This massive and wonderfully illustrated atlas describes all significant approaches in hand surgical procedure. step-by-step, difficult and transparent unique drawings of excessive inventive price depict the surgical ways and techniques. Following an introductory bankruptcy at the anatomical foundation of hand surgical procedure, the medical a part of the e-book treats hand surgical procedure in traumatology, cosmetic surgery and orthopedics.

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I asked. She answered, "No," and laughed. The mind can only focus on one thing at a time; by completely attending to what was happen­ ing she had bypassed the pain. From then on she and her whole family travelled to San Fran­ cisco to have the painless Rolfer work on their bodies. There was one exception—her husband. He was an extremely successful busi­ nessman who truly excelled. He was a fine man, an achiever, a pusher. Looking inside himself and meditating were not his bag. As I pushed with my fingers, attempting to get into his tissue, I could feel his tissue pushing back.

There was a lot of pain for us to work through, and although he seemed able to run through the pain of marathon training, he was not particularly willing to work through it on the table. His first session was a real problem for us both. I had trouble doing my job, and he had trouble handling the discomfort that kept coming up. He was up, off the table, and pacing around the room a large part of the time. We finally got finished, and I told him that I could not do him much good. I suggested that he go somewhere else for his body work.

She had consulted two Los Angeles "sensitives," as she called them. They told her she should locate it in the Rocky Mountains. She did not like this and asked about any possibility of setting up the center on the West Coast. But they insisted that over the long haul, it had to be the Rocky Mountains. Ida then went to see Ann Armstrong, an old friend who is also a psychic. " Ann said, "Not the West Coast at all. " and asked me to help her move her records, books, and all the gear needed for classes to Boulder.

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