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AARP Word 2010 For Dummies by Dan Gookin

By Dan Gookin

It's a complete new observe -- utilize it!

Here's precisely what you want to understand to get going with observe 2010. From firing up be aware, utilizing the spell checker, and dealing with templates to formatting records, including photographs, and saving your stuff, you will get the 1st and final notice on note 2010 with this enjoyable and simple mini advisor. So prepare to channel your internal author and begin growing observe documents that wow!

Open the e-book and find:

  • Tips for navigating note with the keyboard and mouse
  • Advice on utilizing the Ribbon
  • How to edit textual content and undo mistakes
  • Things to understand approximately saving and naming files
  • How to print documents

The EPUB layout of this name is probably not suitable to be used on all hand-held devices.

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No mere pencil eraser can match Ctrl+Delete or Ctrl+Backspace for sheer speed and terror! Deleting more than a word Beyond deleting a word or character, Word lacks ­keyboard-specific commands to delete lines or paragraphs of text. Word has ways to delete these things — those ways just aren’t obvious. Before the details come some definitions: A line of text is merely a line across the page (not really a grammatical issue). A sentence is a sentence. You know: Start with a capital letter and end with a period, a question mark, or an exclamation point.

If you’ve been using an older version of Word, you’re probably somewhat surprised at the look of Word 2010. Therefore, I recommend that you start reading at Part 1. Read! Write! Let your brilliance shine! com. Yes, that’s my real address. I reply to all e-mail I receive, and you’ll get a quick reply if you keep your question short and specific to this book or to Word itself. Although I enjoy saying “Hi,” I cannot answer technical support questions or help you troubleshoot your computer. Thanks for understanding.

Editing your text is easier when you have lots of words than when you have only a scant few. When you’re ready to edit, you’ll use Word’s text editing commands. They all basically delete the stuff you’ve written. That’s right: Editing text is basically the same task as ruthlessly slashing away words from your text. Word comes with ample tools to make that happen. Use them freely, as described in this part. But get your abundance of words down on paper before you enter the vicious slashing mode.

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