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ABBA 1, World 0. An Essay from Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman

By Chuck Klosterman

Originally gathered in Eating the Dinosaur and now to be had either as a stand-alone essay and within the publication assortment Chuck Klosterman on Pop, this essay is ready ABBA.

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The fact that every human on earth (including their most vehement detractors) was keenly aware of ABBA’s magnitude changed how the songs came across. It validated the obtuseness and bewildered the inflexible. ” ABBA had figured something out about America that we could effortlessly hear but only partially comprehend. This was the supernatural element of ABBA Music—flawless, shiny, otherworldly songs that evoke both mild confusion and instantaneous acceptance. It was never, and therefore always, relevant.

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This, I suppose, is my essential point: ABBA succeeds because the rest of the world isn’t necessary. They operate within their own actuality. In 2002, ABBA was offered $1 billion to reunite. That’s a billion, with a B. That’s $250 million apiece. If someone reads this book in the year 2110, that will still be a lot of money. But they turned it down. “We had to think about it,” Björn told The Guardian, “because one could build hospitals with that much money . . ” This is crazy for lots of reasons.

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