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Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield

By Sophie Littlefield

Awakening in a bleak panorama as scarred as her physique, Cass buck vaguely remembers surviving anything negative. Having no suggestion what percentage weeks have handed, she slowly realizes the frightening fact: Ruthie has vanished.And together with her, the vast majority of civilization.Where once-lush hills carried autos and trade, the roads at the present time see in simple terms cannibalistic Beaters—people grew to become hungry for human flesh by way of a central authority test long past wrong.In a damaged, barren California, Cass will endure a harrowing quest to get Ruthie again. Few humans belief an interloper, not to mention a lady who turned a zombie and someway grew to become again, yet she reveals aid from an enigmatic outlaw, Smoke. Smoke is her savior, and her safety.For the Beaters are out there.And the people grip at survival with their set off hands. specifically once they research that she and Ruthie became the main feared, and wanted, of guns in a courageous new world….

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They seemed to have flashes of longing for Before, just as everyone else did. You could see them sometimes, doing homely little things. It was like the bits of speech that sometimes bubbled from their lips, phrases that meant nothing, fragments that tumbled from whatever was left of their minds, dislodged from memory that had given way to the fever and the disease. Cass had seen one trying to ride a bicycle, and falling off when its jerky motions caused the wheel to spin and flip. It tried again and again and then suddenly lost interest and wandered away.

As long as there were no citizens close by, nothing to attract the Beaters and drive them into a frenzy of flesh-lust, nearly any barrier at all would be enough to make them lose their focus and wander back to their fetid nestlike encampments. They said—at least, near the end of Cass’s second life—that the Beaters were waning. Cass wasn’t so sure. It was true that they had formed larger and larger groups, nomadic little bands that took over neighborhoods and entire towns, so they weren’t appearing in sporadic places as much.

And they had learned to hide. They hid behind a panel truck on two flat tires that had been abandoned half a block away…and they waited. And then they moved faster than Cass thought possible, awkward loping strides accompanied by their gurgling breathless moans, and Cass grabbed for Ruthie, who was tracing the path of a caterpillar with a stick and thought it was a game and danced out of the way and darted into the last glorious rays of sun as it slipped down the horizon— The challenge drained from Nora’s face.

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