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Against civilization : readings and reflections by John Zerzan & Kevin Tucker

By John Zerzan & Kevin Tucker

“Read it and you may by no means think about civilization within the related approach again.”—Kirkpatrick Sale

This anthology approximately "the pathology of civilization" deals perception into how development and expertise have resulted in vacancy and alienation.

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The Horse, the Cat, the Bull, even the Ass, are mostly taller, and all have a more robust constitution, more vigor, more strength and courage in the forest than in our houses. They lose half of these advantages in becoming Domesticated, and it might be said that all our cares to treat and feed these animals well end only in their degeneration. It is the same even for man. In becoming sociable and a Slave he becomes weak, fearful, servile; and his soft and effeminate way of life completes the enervation of both his strength and his courage.

I am a rhinoceros, signifies the shape of the rhinoceros. Fairy-tales and operettas know such images, and the ridiculous question ... how do we know that Orion is really called Orion, rises to the stars. -45- OUR KIND (1989) MARVIN HARRIS C an humans exist without some people ruling and others being ruled? The founders of political science did not think so. “I put for a general inclination of mankind, a perpetual and restless desire for power after power, that ceaseth only in death,” declared Thomas Hobbes.

Hadza women were said to work two hours per day on the average in gathering food, and one concludes from James Woodburn’s excellent film that Hadza men are much more preoccupied with games of chance than chances of game (Woodburn and Hudson, 1966). In addition, evidence on hunter-gatherers’ economic attitudes and decisions should be brought to bear. Harassment is not implied in the descriptions of their nonchalant movements from camp to camp, nor indeed is the familiar condemnations of their laziness.

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