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Air Force Colors 1926-1942 by Dana Bell

By Dana Bell

Air strength shades Vol 1: 1926-42

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16, of length l, width b, and immersed depth t. Let the height of the center of gravity above the bottom surface be c. The moments of inertia of the water-line cross section are 28 FUNDAMENTALS OF HYDRO- AND AEROMECHANICS [1 = lb 3 j 12 for the longitudinal axis through the center of gravity, and [2 = l3bj12 for the lateral axis through the center of gravity. Equation (10) states that the stability decreases with the moment of inertia, and, since it was assumed that l > band therefore [2 > [1, the measure of the smallest occurring stability is [1 lb3 h = 11 - a = 12V - a.

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