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Air Pollution and its Effects. Air Pollution by Arthur C. Stern (Eds.)

By Arthur C. Stern (Eds.)

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F. E. Littman, H. W. Ford, and N. Endow, Ind. Eng. Chem. 48, 1492 (1956). 23. M. Shepherd, S. M. Rock, R. Howard, and J. Stormes, Anal. Chem. 23, 1431 (1951). 24. A. P. Altshuller, G. C. Ortman, B. E. Saltzman, and R. E. Neligan, / . Air Pollution Control Assoc. 16, 87, (1966). 25. Los Angeles County Air Pollution Control District, Quart. Contaminant Rept. (1964). 26. T. E. Kreichelt and E. W. " p. S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1964. 27. "Motor Vehicles, Air Pollution and Health," House Doc.

AIR POLLUTION PROBLEMS 19 Substances thus far identified as responsible for the damage include ethylene, PAN, S0 2 , acid mists, fluorides, 0 3 , and a number of organic oxidants. Research on the etiology, physiology, and biochemistry of air pollution pathologies in plants is proceeding at a pace which promises early contributions to knowledge of related phenomena in man. D. PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS ON MAN AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS Donora, Poza Rica, London, and the Meuse Valley of Belgium have given dramatic proof that air pollution can kill; and, together with other evidence, they have implied less shocking but more extensive effects of air pollutants on the health of affected populations.

Day Max. 5 min. San Francisco Year mean Max. day Max. 5 min. St. Louis Year mean Max. day Max. 5 min. Washington Year mean Max. day Max. 5 min. 24 Carbon monoxide Hydrocarbons 12 27 60 3 6 20 6 17 49 Sulfur dioxide Concentrations in ppm. Not corrected for S 0 2 interference. Suspect nearby source. concentration of carbon monoxide in Los Angeles (19) and probably in other cities has a bimodal pattern during the day. This seems almost certainly associated with fluctuation of automotive traffic, the evening peak possibly being prolonged by diminished ventilation in the late afternoon.

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