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Airfoil Design and Data by Prof. Dr. Richard Eppler (auth.)

By Prof. Dr. Richard Eppler (auth.)

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This is assumed, only the pressure and viscous forces compensate each other at the has some consequences for the y-derivatives of the velocity. The distribution u(x,y) for a constant value of x is called a velocity profile. 4), dU/dx > 0, which is called a favorable pressure gradient, velocity <0 or, the velocity profile must have negative camber at the wall and the viscous forces are decelerating the flow while the pressure forces are accelerating it. This case is sketched on the left side of Fig.

The points are spaced eqiuidistantly on the unit circle in the C-plane. 12) or Note that the first point, which corresponds to the trailing edge at the upper surface, has the number 0, the last one, which corresponds to the trailing edge at the lower surface, has the number N. The closure condition guarantees that these two points also coincide in the z-plane. Mathematically, however, these pOints are different, so a total of N+1 points are handled and printed. It should be noted, in the case of an airfoil with a finite base as can be handled in the analysis mode, the two trailing edge points are actually different.

00 can, however, be given as 12 without a decimal point. The length of the numbers is not limited. The format free input is generally shorter than the formatted one. It allows up to 22 F-words in one line. The input lines can, however, never be longer than 80 columns. The following description of some input features is given in one or the other input mode. Switching to the format free mode is initiated by a REMOHine, which has the name REMO followed by a in column 5. The preset mode therefore, the first one if the succeeding is the formatted one.

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